What is WhatsApp API or WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business is a powerful WhatsApp API allows you to send your chats and files to your subscriber or to whom you are providing your different services. This API is integrated in your business software and it allows you to build a preference customer community, engage with customers anywhere in the world and customer can make their query any time. Once the customer engaged you can send important notifications, urgent updates, real time information updates like flight cancellations, account withdrawals, low account balance, reservation confirmations, etc. with the ‘Notifications’ feature.

Over 56% customers prefer texting customer services than wait for long durations over phone calls. A Dimensions Data study reveals that nine out of ten consumers would prefer using messaging to communicate with businesses, and OS7.in brings you a single step integration of Whatsapp right into the core of your business. The power world’s most popular chat platform that connects over 1/5th of the world population now in your hands.

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Why WhatsApp API?

1. Most used Messaging App.

2. Official Business Account.

3. Security.

4. No Waiting Time.

5. Forget Password / Retrieve Password.

6. Registration confirmation and many more.

What is WhatsApp Notification and where to use?

1. Notifications: Send important notifications, urgent updates, real time information.

2. Customer Queries: Enable your customer support teams, Customer Opt-in.

3. E-Commerce and Retail: Order Updates, Product Availability, Billing Inquiries.

4. BFSI: Alerts and Warnings, Urgent Customer Issues, Inquiries and Statements.

5. Travel and Tourism: Time critical notifications, Confirmation & Alerts, Booking Inquiries

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