What is Voice API or Voice Call API?

Today, verification is much important for data security, everyone wants to be secured his data from the hackers or protect to be theft from any one. Voice API plays an important role in data security, it protects your login details to verify you with the mobile number identification through the OTP verification. API stands for Application Program Interface, this is a bridge between Voice Application and Software. Once any one login or making any transaction, at any critical phase any one want to verify the customer before login or transaction an Voice or OTP (One Time Password) to the customer mobile number and he/she can make the transaction only after putting that OTP to the place and submit.

Today, everyone using the mobile and carries it with him/her any time, it makes Voice Call API a successful verifier. Now we will go on the technology, how it function and why it is more secure than any other verification technique. Today, everyone register his mobile number when filling any online form and mobile is linked with many other application software, banking, wallets and many more places. Voice API works in a trigger technology, it is very easy to integrate into any application. Most of the API has one user id and password or API key, one sender id, destination mobile number and message content to be sent to mobile number after the trigger. API Key or user name and password helps to login to Voice application, mobile number is the destination mobile number on which you want to send the Voice and voice message is a recording or text-to-speech voice want to send on destination mobile number. Below are the examples of some Send Voice HTTP API link :

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Above API is showing different parameters, like authkey, number and voice id. Different service provider has a different level of security and different level of database management system. These are highly secure and easy to integrate into any application. Here we have given different use cases of the Bulk SMS API.

1. Two factor authentication.

2. OTP(One Time Password) Login.

3. Mobile Number Varification.

4. Customer Service Opt-in / Opt-in Subscription.

5. Forget Password / Retrieve Password.

6. Registration confirmation and many more.

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