API for Accounting Software

How to Integrate API in Accounting Software?

API needs to be integrated in Accounting Softwares to send the automated and predefined information and notification to the customer. Every accounting software can be integrated with the API, so that customers can receive their bill details and some information about the seller and their offers at every occasion like festival, new years, summer offers, winter offers, etc. So the API integration on every Accounting Software is now important for the seller or user of this software, so that he/she can send information to their customers. Integration of API is very easy in any accounting software because of the API documents provided by Accounting Software provider and API service provider. Most commonly Bulk SMS API and Voice API has been integrated in Accounting Softwares, now WhatsApp API is also using in Accounting Softwares. We would like to provide some information and steps and trying to guide you, how to integrate API in Accounting Software?

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To integrate API into Accounting Software, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Open your Accounting Software settings.

2. Open your Masters option then click on setups.

3. Open control room after that API setup.

4. Window will open after selecting these options, and make changes.

5. There is an option of string into which we have to put the API string.

6. Paste the API in the string like: http://os7.in/v2/http-api.php?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&senderid=XXXXXX&number=91xxxxxxxxxx,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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