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How to Integrate API in Education CRM and APPs?

API needs to be integrated in Education CRM and APPs to send the notification and alerts to the students. Every Education CRM and APPs can be integrated with the API, so that students can receive their Class, Fee and other details and information about their Educational Organization and their updates at every occasion. So the API integration on every Education CRM and APPs is now important for the Education CRM and APPs and Students both. Integration of API is very easy in any Education CRM and APPs because of the API documents provided by API service provider. Commonly Bulk SMS and Voice API has been integrated in Education CRM and APPs. We would like to provide some information and steps and trying to guide you, how to integrate API in Education CRM and APPs?

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To integrate API into Education CRM and APPs, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Open Education CRM and APPs Application settings.

2. Paste the API string like; http://os7.in/v2/http-api.php?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&senderid=XXXXXX&number=91xxxxxxxxxx,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3. Set the Variables.

4. Save all settings.

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