What is Developers API?

Developers API is software-to-software interface that allows for a separate application to communicate with each other without any previous intervention means connect and communicate with other programs. API stands for Application Program Interface. If you see when you do online payment and your card information, verify using API, then you receive an OTP and payment confirmation on your mobile. These developer APIs are available with HTTP based which supports Java, .net, PHP, etc.

Today, everyone using the mobile and carries it with him/her any time, it makes Developers API a successful verifier. Now we will go on the technology, how it function and why it is more secure than any other verification technique. Today, everyone register his mobile number when filling any online form and mobile is linked with many other application software, banking, wallets and many more places. Developers API works in a trigger technology, it is very easy to integrate into any application. Below is the example of HTTP API link :,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=hello

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Above API is showing different parameters, like apikey, sender id, number and message. This is a highly secure and easy to integrate into any application. Here we have given different use cases of the Developers API.

1. Internal Communication.

2. Application Automation.

3. Quick communication.

4. Intelligence Analytics.

5. High Efficiency.

6. Application Integration.

7. Personalization.

I would like to introduce different types of Developers API language to be configured according to the requirement of customers and application environment. These APIs are handling different level of data Submission.

1. PHP


3. .NET

4. C#

5. ASP

6. PYTHON, etc.

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