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How to Integrate API in Banking & Finance Application?

API needs to be integrated in Banking & Finance Application to send the notification and alerts to the customer. Every Banking & Finance Application can be integrated with the API, so that customers can receive their Withdrawl and EMIs details and some information about the Bank & Finance company and their offers at every occasion and terms. So the API integration on every Banking & Finance Application is now important for the Banking & Finance Company and Customers. Integration of API is very easy in any Banking & Finance Application because of the API documents provided by API service provider. Commonly Bulk SMS and Voice API has been integrated in Banking & Finance Application. We would like to provide some information and steps and trying to guide you, how to integrate API in Banking & Finance Application?

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To integrate API into Banking & Finance Application, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Open your Banking or Finance Admin Application settings.

2. Open the setups.

3. Paste the API string like; http://os7.in/v2/http-api.php?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&senderid=XXXXXX&number=91xxxxxxxxxx,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4. Window will open, make changes to select variables.

5. Save all settings.

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